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Unit 1 - Narration

Overview of this rhetorical method of writing

Champion of the World, Maya Angelou
This noted author writes a vivid remembrance of a night when a clash between two diversely ethnic boxers help an entire community glued to the radio, their fate at stake.

Fish Cheeks, Amy Tan
This writer remembers an elaborate Chinese feast that was to be the source of her teenage angst because a minister and his cute son attended.
Good, Bradley Philbert
Seeing his beloved dog suffer, this student writer was faced with a terrible decision.
The Chase, Annie Dillard
For this writer as a child, football, snowball fights, and being chased were thrills that cold not be equaled, and she could not resist leaping into the game.
The Lottery, Shirley Jackson
This is a classic sort story that brings the reader along a tension building event of a towns annual lottery. The "winner" surprising cries, "it isn't fair, it isn't right."

Unit 2 - Description
Overview of this rhetorical method of writing

Arm Wrestling With My Father, Brad Manning
As his father's strength wanes this students writer learns that as he becomes an adult, his view or of his father and the way he views their physical competition changes.
Shooting Dad, Sarah Vowell
All he cared about were guns. All she cared about was art, but in spite of their differences, this student writer discovers a strong resemblance between her father and herself.
The Best Pizza in the World, Elizabeth Gilbert
On an impulsive day trip to Naples, this temporary inhabitant of Rome discovers yummy, delicious, salty pizza paradise." An essay that makes the reader's mouth water.


Unit 3 - Example\Illustration
Overview of this rhetorical method of writing

On Compassion, Barbara Lazar Ascher
When faced with the desperate homeless, this author thinks being compassionate is not a character trait; it must be learned, and only by having adversity at your doorstep.
Homeless, Anna Quindlen
A journalist who confesses to having an aversion for looking at the big picture insists on seeing homelessness as an individual crisis.
Black Men and Public Spaces, Brent Staples
"Who will be my next victim," this Black author sarcastically thinks as he meanders down a deserted street at night and finds that women run from him, on sight. He tells what he has learned about public space and his ability to unwillingly control it.
The Adored Buzzing Around Us, Sharman Apt Russell
Bugs that spew odor, dissolve prey, and suck blood are this author's interest as he makes the case for the beauty of nature, even the scary parts.
This is Walter, David Foster Wallace
This noted novelist in a very famous commencement speech advises new college graduates ways to deal with perceived boredom and frustrations of being emerging adults.
Why I Want A Wife, Judy Brady
"Why wouldn't anyone want a wife," states this amusing author in her popular diatribe listing all the duties  and responsibilities of a wife coupled with the  demands of a husband who should he find her getting old, have the luxury to find a new young one.


Unit 4 - Process Analysis
Process Analysis
Overview of this rhetorical method of writing
Behind the Formaldehyde Curtain, Jessica Mitford
With clever and dark humor this sardonic author takes the reader on a trip thought the stages by which a corpse becomes a masterpiece of American mortuary art.
Chronicles of Ice, Gretel Ehrlich
Reflecting on the future of glaciers, this noted nature writer ponders what will happen to our planet if they simply melt away.
How to Poison the Earth, Linnea Saukko
This prize winning student writer provide  a reader with countless ways and procedure to poison our Earth. What would prompt such destructive thoughts?
Sweet, Sour, and Resentment, Firoozeh Dumas
This author's mother endured the same draining routine of preparing traditional Iranian menus for dozens of houseguest she barely knew, and this well-known humorist tries to understand why.

Unit 5 - Cause\Effect
Overview of this rhetorical method of writing

Live Free and Starve, Chitra Divakaruni
Is forcing developing countries to put an end to child labor a good thing? This author examines what would happen and how children may suffer fates much worse than working.
The Wall Mart You Don't Know, Charles Fishman
Wall Mart is a super store that perhaps can illustrate just what devastation might happen if it decided to raise the price on pickles. This business journalist take the reader through it all.


Unit 6 - Definition
Overview of this rhetorical method of writing

Economics vs Needs, Thomas Sowell
What is economic, about foreign workers doing American jobs and what are real needs? This author attempts an answer to this important question
Identity's Edge, Andrea Jones
Skin is the object of this author's interest. How it marks boundaries of the human body and also connects each person to outside world. You may never look at it the same again.
The Meaning of a Word, Gloria Naylor
This Black American author's childhood brush with the word "nigger," taught her context matters and determines the sense of the word.
What is Poverty? Jo Goodwin Parker
This author's use of description and anecdotes creates a definition of poverty that is moving and very insightful. Is there on definition; it seems not as the author cleverly guides a reader to an engaging definition.


Unit 7 - Compare\Contrast
Overview of this rhetorical method of writing

Batting Clean-up and Striking Out, Dave Bary
This comedic look at the differences between men and women hinges on the importance each gives to baseball and dirt. His funny observations takes a swing at the differences.
Grant vs Lee, Bruce Catton
These two famous American generals surely personified their opposition during the Civil War; however, this author illustrates that what they had in common was more noteworthy.
Neat People vs Sloppy People, Suzanne Britt
Are neat people meaner than sloppy people, and do sloppy people overlook important details? As this author compares the two types she takes a cudgel and chooses sides.
Remembering My Childhood on the Continent of Africa, David Sedaris
This popular essayist bemoans his dull childhood as he admires that of his partner, Hugh,  amid monkeys and machete wielding guards. The grass sure seems greener and exciting.
Two Ways to Belong in America, Bharati Mukherjee
This essay is an intriguing look at two sisters from Calcutta who after 35 years of American residence take vastly different sides on the current debate over the status of immigrants.


Unit 8 - Argumentation\Persuasion
Overview of this rhetorical method of writings


Too Much Pressure, Colleen Wenke
As noted by this author, "There is too much pressure placed on this new pressure is what is causing the increase in cheating."


paired essays 1
Not Your Homeland, Edwidge Decante
A well know author and immigrant makes a personal and impassioned argument against strict immigration control.

Safety Through Immigration Control, Mark Krikorian
Strongly in favor of strict immigration control, this author says anything less "leaves us naked in the face of the enemy."


paired essays 2
The Designer Player,
Rodrigo Villagomez
According to this student writer, professional baseball is better because of the use of steroids. Performance enhancing drugs are what help players and keep fans interested.

Sports Dealing with Steroids,  Jason Gerrard (student essay)
Steroids are big issue with this write, and he pulls no punches when arguing against their usage.


paired essays 3
In Defense of Profiling,
Sam Harris
This well know multi lingual published columnist provides a clear position on the merits of profiling
The Trouble with Profiling
Bruce Schneier
A highly respected expert on security, this author write a rebuttal to "In Defense of Profiling" and provides a completely different opinion


paired essays 4
Bassackwards: Construction Spanish and Other Signs of the Times,
Jay Nordling
According to this author the Spanish language is "coddled, bowed to , enshrined." He advises that it is time America insists immigrants learn English.
Supporting Family Values, Linda Chavez
This conservative activist sees immigrants as having a surprisingly positive influence on American society


paired essays 5
In Defense of Consumer Spending,
Llewellyn H Rockwell Jr
This author gives a spirited endorsement of consumer spending

Work, Spend, Work, Spend: Is this any way to live? Juliet B. Schor
This author questions the validity of our consumer powered society


paired essays 6

Regulating Racist Speech on Campus, by Charles R. Lawrence

All speech seems not to be the same for this author who advocates some specific  regulations on it. 

Muzzling Free Speech by  Harvey A Silvergate 
Free means free in this essay, and this author refutes regulations.


paired essays 7

Tracking is an assault on liberty, by  Nicholas Carr

This author sees the websites do too much monitoring of users.
Web surfers give as much as they give,
by Jim Harper
Do those using the Internet really receive benefits as they are tracked.
Facebook is using you,
by Lori Andrews

When it comes to the Internet who is using whom?


paired essays 8
School choice: an unwise option
by Mark Liles
School choice: an educational fit by Mark Liles


paired excerpts 1
Are social networking sites good for our society?

paired excerpts 2
Is "Obamacare" good for America?

paired excerpts 3
Should immigrant who are here illegally be allowed citizenship?

paired excerpts 4
Should euthanasia or physically-assisted suicide be legal?

paired excerpts 5
Should Marijuana be a medical option?
paired sexcerpts 6
Is obesity a disease?


Mixing the Methods
Once More to the Lake, E.B. White
A father takes his young son on an emotional trip back to a favorite summertime place from his youth. There they come to some interesting and surprising revelations.


Shooting an Elephant, George Orwell
The author, as a young British policeman, is faced with a decision when  faced with a killer elephant. As the Burmese crowd cheered him on, he made a choice that he would not make him proud.  


I have a Dream, Martin Luther King
In this speech, the beloved civil rights leader eloquently makes his appeal for equality for all, and his graceful oration continues to inspire generations.


Only Daughter, Sandra Cisneros
In this first person narrative, the author writes about her upbringing, family loyalty, and feelings of isolation as young Mexican in a new environment


In Bed, Joan Didion
With vivacious details, the author describes her intimate relationship with migraine headaches and how they are surprisingly appreciated as friends.














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Academic Integrity: what it is and why it matters
Online Netiquette
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It is your job to learn what mistakes you are making and how not to make them again.

Grammar & Punctuation
Brief Guide to English Grammar & Punctuation
Here is a condensed easy to follow guide to all aspects of English grammar and punctuation
Basic Grammatical Requirements
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The Parts of a Sentence
Sentences have several components. To write accurate grammatically correct sentences, writers should know and use them correctly. Without adhering to these sentence guidelines, your sentences may be just a pile of confused words.
Revising for Conciseness
Use only necessary words. Do not fluff up your sentences with needless and meaningless phrases and words. This page helps you learn to be  economical. Go over your work and try to eliminate words that are unnecessary and bothersome to the reader.
Words Words Words

Using words economically is important. On this page see how to make your writing less full of puffed up verbiage and more full of meaning.
Basic Elements of Writing
the writing process
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