What is a Thesis

A Thesis consists of 2 parts: Topic of essay  & Author's Point Of View abut this essay topic (you are the author)

Topic  = who or what you are writing about ONLY.
it is NOT an idea
it does NOT express a point of view
it is NOT a complete sentence

Author's Point of view (APOV)
express the point of view the author has about the topic

THESIS = Topic of essay + Author's Pont of View of the Essay Topic

Must be a complete sentence
Has an Author's Point of View (you are the author)

What is the difference between a Main Idea (MI) and a THESIS

MI (of a paragraph) = the Main Idea of a paragraph
       * all sentences in a paragraph should support this one MI

THESIS = the Main Idea of the entire essay
       * all paragraph MI should support it


How  to create a THESIS

Look at each MI in each paragraph
What does it tell you about the topic of the essay?

What it tells you, the conclusion it comes to is the THESIS




Topic of Essay  = Michael Jackson
1 MI = (of one paragraph) = He is a very talented dancer.

2 MI = (of one paragraph) He has been ridiculed for his immature childlike public persona.
3 MI = (of one paragraph) In the 80's he had a legion of fans who adored him and followed his professional career.


What conclusion can be reached based on these 3 MI = the THESIS.


Although talented and once popular, Michael Jackson is now somewhat of a joke to many people because of his peculiar behavior and interests.





Topic of Essay  = Cell Phones
1 MI = (of one paragraph) = This new technology teaches young people to be rude in public places.

2 MI = (of one paragraph) = The cell phone can be a life saver when used for an emergency.
3 MI = (of one paragraph) =  IS viewed by the majority of the population as indispensable.


What conclusion can be reached based on these 3 MI = the THESIS.


Cell phones are a very popular technology that can be very handy, but if used to excess or improperly can teach negative behaviors.