Writing Conclusions



To logically end an essay

To leave a memorable impression on the reader

To provide food for thought

To relate to the reader and your ideas in the essay



May or may not have a Topic Sentence and /or a Concluding Sentence


Some Techniques

call to action,   explain how a problem was resolved, address the reader

answer a question raised in the introduction, look to the future

show how change occurred , make a decision, choice, judgment

make an evaluation, make a recommendation, reframe the introduction

ask a rhetorical question (one that has no answer and really makes a statement)

appeal to the reader's emotions, logic, sense of intelligence


What makes a memorable and great conclusion

  Originality, uniqueness, something never heard before or said this way


What makes a forgetful weak conclusion

  no originality, rehashed stuff, things we have all heard before

  making a summary the simply restates what your essay just presented.  Summaries imply that

   that a reader did not understand the essay, so now it must be restated, a very dull technique.



Do you give your reader something to think about?

Have you used the techniques discussed in class and in the BRB?

Is it worth reading?

Be sure it is not just a summary of your essay. 

Does it avoid unnecessary and boring repetition repetition?

Is it original, unique, and interesting?