Writing must stay focused.

To accomplish this there are several techniques that are necessary to utilize.

Maintaining Paragraph Unity

 (MI) Main Idea

Subject of paragraph + Author's Point of View

This is an abstract statement


(SS) Support Sentences  (Development)

All support sentences must clearly support the MI of the paragraph

Some characteristics of Support Sentences

They should be concrete not abstract.



      I had a very busy day.


I cleaned my room for 2 hours, then attended school until dinner time. After dinner I h ad 15 pages to read and my rough draft of an essay was due.


My dog is really adorable and he does the most interesting things when he is happy.


Lucky, my 55 pound Labrador Retriever, has shiny reddish brown long fur. When I come home from school in the afternoon, he is so excited to see me that he does a back flip, and always lands on his head.


(CS) Concluding sentence

This is a sentence that wraps up the paragraph and often can be used as a transition to the next paragraph. Do not leave reader's hanging. Make a good end to every paragraph.

Maintaining Essay Unity


This is the overriding main idea for the entire essay. It should incorporate all the (MI) from all the support paragraphs


MI for all paragraphs must support the Thesis.


Conclusion Paragraph

Wrap up the essay with closing comments that focus on your Thesis.