Writing a Great Essay

There are several convention of writing that must be learned and used when writing an essay.
Once you understand these techniques there is a process that needs to be followed to ensure that
you get the best results. Your essays will be graded via a Rubric. Below are links to documents that
will provide detailed information, instruction, and criteria. Before attempting to write an essay, learn these
techniques, the writing process, and criteria you will be graded on to write a great essay.

  • First a few word on essay length
       Essay Length
     to get some idea of how long an essay might be

  • The Process
       The Writing Process
       to learn the process to organize, develop, and construct an essay

       Prewriting Strategies

       to learn how to prewrite and plan an
       How to make an essay outline
       to learn how to make an essay outline

  • Essay Requirements
       All essays final copies will be graded on the use of these 6 basic techniques
       to learn how to start and essay
       to learn how to end an essay
       to learn how to use thesis, main ideas, and how to support them
       Coherence - Patterns of Organization
       to learn how to order your ideas and support
       to learn how to develop ideas
       Mechanic\Guide to Grammar and Punctuations
       to learn how to fix grammatical errors
       Essay Grading Rubric
       this is the rubric that will be used to grade your essay

  • Reference
       Diagram of an essay
       to see an essay schematic overview and how an essay is constructed
       to understand 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person perspective
       (most of your writing will be in 3rd person)

    to understand how to avoid annoying and incorrect use of second person
       (learn to avoid this immature writing problem)