Journal example 2
I laughed until I had tears in my eyes when I read Russell Baker's column ''Computer Fallout''  The word processor reigns supreme in my house, and many is the time that writing a brief paragraph stretches into two hours of painstaking adding, deleting and agonizing over the most simple of tasks. Crumple up one copy; walk around the room and sip on some coffee, read a magazine, take a shower, anything  to keep the assignment from getting done. Nowadays all one needs do is turn on the PC and the assignment practically gets written all by itself. Spell check has turned even the best speller into a bumbling mass of confusion. Grammar check does what my brain once was capable of easily deciphering. IS this a blessing or a curse? Cashiers can't count change anymore because of the computer. Mechanics plug in a chord and bingo the problem is solved. Although word processing makes writing easy, the ease it affords in fine tuning one's words can also be it its primary pitfall, as Mr. Baker so cleverly demonstrates.