Basic Grammatical Requirements for ENG 121
Eng 121 students must demonstrate competency in English grammar.
Sentence errors will reduce grades throughout the semester and if persistent prevent a passing final grade.

Use good grammar & write accurate sentences for everything you submit

You are expected to know & use correctly.......

Parts of Speech (POS)

  • nouns
  • pronouns
  • verbs
  • adverbs
  • conjunctions
  • prepositions
  • prepositional phrases (PP)
  • interjections

Parts of a Sentence


  • Main Clauses (MC)
  • Dependant Clauses (DC
You are expected to avoid these sentence errors
  • Run-On Sentence (RO)
  • Comma Spliced Sentences (CSP)
  • Subject Verb Agreement (S-V)
  • Shifts in Verb Tense (VT)
  • Pronoun Errors (PRO)
  • Misplaced Modifier (MPM)
  • Dangling Modifier (DM)
  • Misuse or Missing plurals (PL)
  • Sentence that Make No Sense (SS)
  • Unnecessary Wordiness (W)
  • Punctuation (PCT)
  • Comma Misuse (COM)
  • Adjective, Adverb confusion (A)
  • Articles Misuse (ART)
  • Word Choice (WC)
  • Inappropriate Person (PERSON)
  • Inaccurate or missing Possessives (POSS)
  • Syntax Confusion (SYN)
  • Using non-words (NSW)
  • inappropriate 2nd person (YOU)
  • Wordiness (W)
To learn about  grammatical requirement and how to correct errors see:  Glossary
codes = these are abbreviations that appear on written work usually to indicating a sentence error you must address for future writing. example: RO = run-on sentence) That means you are incorrectly writing a run-on sentence.Look up the "Code - RO in the Glossary; there will be an explanation of a run-on sentence, examples, and how to not make the same error again.