The following words with explanations can describe an authorís tone or
attitude: As an author think of how you want your writing to come across to a reader.

Tone is defined as the writerís or speakerís attitude toward the subject

Absurd, farcical, ridiculous: laughable or a joke
Apathetic, detached: not caring
Ambivalent: having contradictory attitudes or feelings
Angry, bitter, hateful: feeling bad and upset about the topic
Arrogant, condescending: acting conceited or above others
Awestruck, wondering: filled with wonder
Cheerful, joyous, happy: feeling good about the topic
Compassionate, sympathetic: feeling sorrow at the distress of others
Complex: intricate, complicated, and possibly confusing
Congratulatory, celebratory: honoring an achievement or festive occasion
Cruel, malicious: mean-spirited
Cynical: expecting the worst from people
Depressed, melancholy: sad, dejected, or having low spirits
Disapproving: judging unfavorably
Distressed: suffering strain, misery, or agony
Evasive, abstruse: avoiding or confusing the issue
Formal: using an official style; of a high social class, genteel
Frustrated: blocked from a goal
Gentle: thoughtful, not pushy, kind
Ghoulish, grim: robbing graves or feeding on corpses; stern and forbidding
Hard: unfeeling, strict, and unrelenting
Humorous, jovial, comic, playful, amused: being funny
Incredulous: unbelieving
Indignant: outraged
Intense, impassioned: extremely involved, zealous, or agitated
Ironic: stating the opposite of what is expected; having a twist at the end
Irreverent: lacking respect for authority
Mocking, scornful, caustic, condemning: ridiculing the topic
Objective, factual, straightforward, critical: using facts without emotions
Obsequious: fawning for attention
Optimistic: looking on the bright side
Outspoken: speaking oneís mind on issues
Pathetic: moving one to compassion or pity
Pessimistic: looking on the negative side
Prayerful: religiously thankful
Reticent: shy and not speaking out
Reverent: showing respect
Righteous: morally correct
Romantic, intimate, loving: expressing love or affection
Sarcastic: saying one thing and meaning another
Satiric: using irony, wit, and sarcasm to discredit or ridicule
Sensational: over-dramatized or over-hyped
Sentimental, nostalgic: remembering the good old days
Serious, sincere, earnest, solemn: being honest and concerned
Straightforward: forthright, direct
Subjective, opinionated: expressing opinions and feelings
Tragic: regrettable or deplorable
Uneasy: restless or uncertain
Vindictive: seeking revenge

Positive Tone/Attitude Words
Amiable Consoling Friendly Playful
Amused Content Happy Pleasant
Appreciative Dreamy Hopeful Proud
Authoritative Ecstatic Impassioned Relaxed
Benevolent Elated Jovial Reverent
Brave Elevated Joyful Romantic
Calm Encouraging Jubilant Soothing
Cheerful Energetic Lighthearted Surprised
Cheery Enthusiastic Loving Sweet
Compassionate Excited Optimistic Sympathetic
Complimentary Exuberant Passionate Vibrant
Confident Fanciful Peaceful Whimsical

Negative Tone/Attitude Words
Accusing Choleric Furious Quarrelsome
Aggravated Coarse Harsh Shameful
Agitated Cold Haughty Smooth
Angry Condemnatory Hateful Snooty
Apathetic Condescending Hurtful Superficial
Arrogant Contradictory Indignant Surly
Artificial Critical Inflammatory Testy
Audacious Desperate Insulting Threatening
Belligerent Disappointed Irritated Tired
Bitter Disgruntled Manipulative Uninterested
Boring Disgusted Obnoxious Wrathful
Brash Disinterested Outraged
Childish Facetious Passive

Humor-Irony-Sarcasm Tone/Attitude Words
Amused Droll Mock-heroic Sardonic
Bantering Facetious Mocking Satiric
Bitter Flippant Mock-serious Scornful
Caustic Giddy Patronizing Sharp
Comical Humorous Pompous Silly
Condescending Insolent Quizzical Taunting
Contemptuous Ironic Ribald Teasing
Critical Irreverent Ridiculing Whimsical
Cynical Joking Sad Wry
Disdainful Malicious Sarcastic

Sorrow-Fear-Worry Tone/Attitude Words
Aggravated Embarrassed Morose Resigned
Agitated Fearful Mournful Sad
Anxious Foreboding Nervous Serious
Apologetic Gloomy Numb Sober
Apprehensive Grave Ominous Solemn
Concerned Hollow Paranoid Somber
Confused Hopeless Pessimistic Staid
Dejected Horrific Pitiful Upset
Depressed Horror Poignant
Despairing Melancholy Regretful
Disturbed Miserable Remorseful

Neutral Tone/Attitude Words
Admonitory Dramatic Intimae Questioning
Allusive Earnest Judgmental Reflective
Apathetic Expectant Learned Reminiscent
Authoritative Factual Loud Resigned
Baffled Fervent Lyrical Restrained
Callous Formal Matter-of-fact Seductive
Candid Forthright Meditative Sentimental
Ceremonial Frivolous Nostalgic Serious
Clinical Haughty Objective Shocking
Consoling Histrionic Obsequious Sincere
Contemplative Humble Patriotic Unemotional
Conventional Incredulous Persuasive Urgent
Detached Informative Pleading Vexed
Didactic Inquisitive Pretentious Wistful
Disbelieving Instructive Provocative Zealous