Sample Essay Prewrite   
1. Choose a Topic : My twin sister Celia
2. Preliminary Brainstorm
has a great personality generous and giving to others homeowner
her artistic ability is well known theater trip on our Birthday was fun loves family
teacher f the emotionally disturbed in HS good lunch buddy has more friends than anyone I know
loves the Jersey shore kind of messy with her house well loved by everybody



 3. Cluster Brainstorm


Text Box: description


 her interests & skills
topic for one area of focus (could be one paragraph or several)

         she draws and does oil paintings

         creates craft projects with her students who are emotionally disturbed

         goes to art exhibits

         has a yearly Christmas Tree trimming party

         has lots of BBQ parties

         takes life drawing classes

         tries different restaurants and loves to eat out

         is a great cook of

         Friday night Pizza parties for her sons

         is taking swimming classes at the YMCA

         avid reader

         loves to spend summers in LBI






choose paragraph Rhetorical Method for this area focus:


  her generosity 
(our theater trip

topic for one area of focus (could be one paragraph or several)

         beautiful sunny summer day

         arrived early to get some lunch

         Cleia was late as usual

         for our birthday

         she was dressed nicely

         waiting in line was interesting

         elderly ladies in front were talking so sweetly because they were having a yearly get together

         one was from Colarado, one was from Millburn, NJ

         Suddenly one cried, she lost her ticket

         Celia gave her ticket to the saddened women

         I looked on in amusement because now we couldn't go to the theater as planned- still I was proud of her

         the lady kissed and hugged us both

         we gave the other ticket away and went to a bookstore and laughed and enjoyed each other just the same

         that was a generous thing to do

choose paragraph Rhetorical Method for this area focus:


family orientation
topic for one area of focus (could be one paragraph or several)

         owns her own home and decorates it all the time

         she is a grandmother and very excited about it

         takes good care of Kenny

         is involved with Dave's athletic endeavors

         attends all of his games and get involved

         knows and socializes with a famous actor and his wife

         is still in contact with her friends from grammar and high school

         provides transportation for aging family members

         helps take care of our mother

         often gets together with Marcia and Jeanette two high school buddies

         often visits her deceased friend's aging mother to cheer her up

         loves watching sports sports with her husband

         supports her hippie son's trips


choose paragraph Rhetorical Method for this area focus:





4. Make a Working Outline

My twin sister Celia is an inspiration to all who meet her, not only because of her many talents and generous personality  but because of her dedication to friends and family.


Celia's interests in art and her career keep her very busy and she usually has something fascinating going on
  A takes an art class with friends
  B Has art shows at the local library, has original painting all over her house (and mine)
  D is in charge of the theater productions at her job as a a high school teacher
  E attends art opening for her friends
  F takes a swimming class, and exercises in the part
  G spends all her summers at LBI since she was a youngster usually renting a house with many friends


Her generosity is a very important part of her personality; our theater trip clearly illustrated it.
  A as a twin we often spends birthdays together
  B went to the theater to see "Little Shop of Horrors" a uniquely funny off-broaday play
  C while waiting over heard 2 little old ladies talking-they were crying - one lost her ticket
  D Cleia gave her one of our tickets-made believe we had an extra
  E she and I went out for lunch-never saw the play -gave the other ticket to a passer by.


Although personality is great; her family & friends play the most  important role in defining her.
  A she regularly attends her children's sporting events
  B maintains friendships since grammar school" Marcia, Carol, Jeanette
  C Maintains contact with deceased friend's eldrly parents
  D cooks home style for friends on Friday nights (pizza night fro everybody)
  E drives mother-in-law to doctors, to visit friends anywhere she needs to go
  F travels to Colorado regularly to see her eldest son who lives there
  G pays for younger son's college tuition by doing home instruction tutoring
    We should all appreciate & spend time with our relatives; they will not always be around
    Stop wasting time on those who do not care about us (sports figures, actors, etc) focus o those we love
    Learn  from those who are generous and are there for you
    reflect on importance of family
    thank my sister for being so wonderful
 5. Make Prewrite Decisions

 Primary Rhetorical Method: 
 Development: Examples, Case Examples
 Coherent order of ideas\support: Order of importance of her examples
Happy and Proud
 Purpose: To celebrate my sister and inspire a reader to learn from her positive attitude      :