Welcome to Eng 121 online - Course Overview
A link to this document is always available for reference on Eng121.net.

Hi online student
Welcome to Eng 121. This should be an interesting experience for all of us; I will do my best to assist your learning and expect you will do the same. Let's work together to make this as enjoyable and educational as possible.

A quick request before beginning
This course is linked to a vast website that I am continually updating and editing. Throughout the semester, should you find any errors, typographical problems, misstatements, or dead-end links, please let me know.

Before we begin be sure that you can handle online learning.

An online course is very different than those conducted in a traditional classroom environment. Along with the freedom of learning when it is convenient and not having to drive to the college comes added responsibilities and expectations that students taking traditional on campus courses may not experience.

Consider your skills and attributes listed here; be sure online learning is for you.



 If You.....

  • are comfortable with English
  • have basic knowledge of grammar
  •  write primarily accurate sentences
  • are comfortable with paragraph structure
  • have the time to frequently log on to this class to keep abreast of all developments.
  • are self motivated and rely on yourself for learning
  • are able to follow and use helpful links
  • are able to follow directions
  • are punctual with assignments
  • have basic computer competency
  • have a reliable Internet connection
  • are able to work with "Campus Cruiser"
  • are able to submit assignments in MS Word


If You.....

  • are not comfortable with English
  •  need much help learning grammar
  •  have difficulty writing accurate sentences,
  •  are not comfortable with paragraph structure
  • do not have the time to frequently log on to this class to keep abreast of all developments.
  • need motivation and rely on the teacher a lot
  • have difficulty following and using helpful links
  • have difficulty following directions
  • are not punctual with assignments
  • are not very computer competent
  • do not have a reliable Internet connection
  • are unable to work with "Campus Cruiser"
  • cannot submit assignments in MS Word
  • Some preliminary comments
    I put a lot of effort into creating a smooth and efficient online learning environment. Assignments are designed to help you become a better writer, organizer, and college student which will ultimately increase your chances of enjoying a successful college experience. Work in this class is carefully scheduled to facilitate necessary feedback for learning and to allow you lots of time to do it. As you, I have a busy schedule; I allot and schedule many hours for this class. I give my full attention and sincere effort when assignments arrive and usually return them the same day they are due. After that I attend to the other parts of my life, and return to this class when the next assignment is due. I have no time nor desire to deal with late or incorrectly submitted assignments. This class should not be a source of stress nor create undue hardship. I would like it to be enjoyable and educational. For this to happen assignments must be submitted on time and correctly. To this end, your participation is required as follows:

    What to do in this class
          Submit assignments on time.
          Submit work labeled and completed correctly as asked.
          Be familiar with and adhere to all class policies.

    What not to do in this class
          Do not ask for late or emailed assignments to be accepted.
          Do not ask to have work that is not submitted correctly accepted.
          Do not ask for special consideration for lack of or failed Internet connection

    Simply put
           Do not ask for special or preferential treatment of any kind for any reason!

           Follow and adhere to the class policies (see syllabus) - they apply to all students at all times.

 If you enter the class after it begins
 Do not ask for make up work; you may only do what is on the schedule. Whatever you missed is just missed

      Before beginning the class familiarize yourself with the information below.

  • Syllabus see: Syllabus
    Prof B's contact info, course requirements, class policies, grading criteria, assignment info, etc..

  • Campus Cruiser is the Learning Management System (LMS) for this class.
    Everything (email, work, communications etc) will be transacted through Campus Cruiser.  This class DOES NOT use Canvas
    Getting to Campus Cruiser    
    go to MCC home page
    go to drop down menu MCC Online
    select Campus Cruiser
    sign on (you were issued a password on enrollment

     Click: My Cruiser  - then -   Dashboard  - thenEng-121-English Composition (your section & semester)
    This is the link to the Home Page for this class. If you do not see the above link, you will see a drop down menu next to Term: from this
     menu select: date & term - the  link will appear.
     Take some time to get familiar with the Welcome Page.
     NOTE: if asked: Do you want to display the nonsecure items?
    click: YES (don't worry; it's safe)

You will be presented with four grey tab

Public Welcome   Welcome Page   Assignments Policy   Email Policy
 general catalogue info course home page assignment submission info how to email Prof. B



Welcome Page has 4 columns:
extreme left Campus Cruiser Links  = self explanatory (especially needed is the Assignments link
 left Necessary Info  = reminder of important class policies.
middle Semester Schedule  = all semester assignments, open, close dates\times
 right Announcements  = important timely messages from Prof B - read immediately
  Campus Cruiser Help Desk  = help with Campus Cruiser
  Mini Calendar  = two month calendar
  • Putting your photo on Campus Cruiser
    To include a photo of yourself for all in the class to see, click Displaying a Photo

Spring\Fall Semesters
There are 2 assignments due the first week of class.

Check the Semester Schedule, on the welcome page, for open and close times & dates.

  • Message Board 1 - opens about one week before the semester begins to afford you time to submit questions. It closes as specified on the Semester Schedule (on The Welcome Page) For this message board we will introduce ourselves to the class.
    The link
    How to find & submit assignments will provide you with complete directions to do this Message Board.

  • Diagnostic Timed Essay - opens one week prior to close date. It closes as specified on the Semester Schedule on  
    The Welcome Page). This is a timed writing sample you will provide. You will have 60 minutes to complete it. The
    purpose of this assignment is to give me some idea of how you write and insure that you are in the correct level of English and
    to introduce yourself to the process by which all "Timed Essays" will be administered.
    * Notice that you have one week in which to do this essay. During that week you must pick a block of time to do this assignment.  
      Once you begin the clock starts, and you will have 60 minutes to complete it. You cannot stop and start it again. You have only
      one opportunity. Once you begin you must complete it in one sitting. When you
    click "done" (or come to the 60 minute time
      limit) the assignment will end, and you will have no further opportunity to write.
    The link  How to find & submit assignments will 
      provide you with complete directions to do a Timed Writing assignment.

Summer Semester

There are 6 short assignments due the first week.

  • Message Board 1 (self introduction)

  • Shorter Writings 1,2,3,4

  • Essay 1 prewrite
    They are now open ( can be seen and done)
    to give you time to submit questions and get familiar with the class.
    They close as specified on the Semester Schedule on The Welcome Page.
    (cannot be done when closed)
    Message Board 1 & Shorter Writing 1 close at 4pm - all others for the entire semester close at 10 am. unless otherwise specified.


  • Completely read all my communications (emails, announcements, message board posts etc).
    Do not email me with questions that I have already answered or explained in a previous communications; you will not get a favorable response!

      OK - that should get us started.

      Let's relax, get familiar, and learn something.
      I will do all I can to make this as pleasurable and productive as possible. I expect that you will do the same


      Prof. B